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Ms JiaYou! (Blue Flower)

This quutie and her sweet smile will definitely brighten your day, motivating you and cheering you on. JiaYou is your daily little cheerleader.

Cacti are well known to be resilient even during harsh weather conditions,  they symbolize endurance and strength and are meaningful decorations/ gifts.

No maintenance or water required. Friendly to your fingers too.

- 8cm tall x 6cm wide

- 100% cotton yarn

- Polyester fiberfill

- Safety eyes

- Minky fabric 

- Planted in a Quutest burlap bowl


Time required to make: 3.5 hours


Ms JiaYou! (Blue Flower)

  • Adorable handmade soft toy surely to make you go "Awww".

    As with all handmade products, each piece is unique, do allow slight size differences. Every one is Quute in their own way!


    Important: To care for the yarn soft toys, please avoid velcro and zippers which may snag the yarn, causing them to be fuzzy.

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