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Quutest Self-Watering Flower Pot

Puffpuff and Thai Basil plants

Welcome everybuddy to another DIY project! Puffpuff the puffin loves plants but he always forgets to water them on time. But not anymore..

Introducing our simple easy to make self watering pot with only 3 items required:

- round plastic flower pot (with rim big enough to sit above the plastic cup)

- disposable plastic drink cup (re-used)

- cotton rope

Step by step like this:

The choice is yours, a taller cup will provide a bigger reservoir for water storage and means you will not need to refill the water as often. A shorter cup works just as fine.

Before transplanting your plants, make sure the cotton rope is soaked in water, the wick will draw the water to the soil when it is wet.

This mechanism ensures your plants will get sufficient water without being overwatered. You can check the water levels easily because of the clear plastic cup.

No more worries about how much to water your plants, they will be in good hands.

Self-watering pots are suitable for plants that require constant moisture in the soil, such cherry tomatoes, herbs like basil, rosemary and cilantro, african violets, vegetables. Do check each plant's watering requirement before using a self-watering pot.

P/S: The flower pots I got are from Daiso, but I rarely see them in the store nowadays. (This post is not sponsored)

Any plastic flower pot can be used for this project, just make sure the rim is above the clear plastic cup so that you can lift it up easily to refill the water, and not too big otherwise it will topple over.

Have fun everybuddy!

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