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Quutest Crochet Snowflakes (Rust-proof Pins Hack)

Snuggly birds nest

This is a simple, easy hack to make rust-proof pins. It all started when I wanted to shape and stiffen the crochet snowflakes but I wasn't sure if the pins I have were rustproof (the wordings were in Japanese) so the only way to find out was to try them on one snowflake.

The snowflake had brown rusty spots the next day. Instead of running to the store to get a box rustproof pins for this project, why not make them on my own? Besides that, I only need a few, just sufficient to pin and shape the snowflakes.

These are the materials and tools required:

- pins

- white acrylic paint

- small tray for drying (I used a disposable drink cover lying around the house)

- blu tack

The pins are really easy to make, just follow the steps in the pictures below and let paint coat to dry completely before using.

The stiffened crochet snowflakes are very pretty, hang them around house or gift them to your family and friends.

Hope you found this useful and since Christmas is around the corner, Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

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