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Quutest Crochet Keroppi Frog

Crochet Keroppi by Quutest

Kero Kero Keroppi is a cute frog cartoon by Sanrio and I used to have a classmate who loves Keroppi so much that she collects everything from stationery, pouch, mug to towels.

This amigurumi is an interesting one to crochet as the head is made from 2 parts(base for the eyes) and then joined together before making the head. For this pattern, I would recommend the reader to have intermediate crochet skills and prior knowledge of crocheting 2 parts together.

Completed Keroppi is about 9cm tall.

Materials :

2.5mm hook

3-ply Milk cotton yarn in Green, Red, White, Black

2-ply Milk cotton yarn in Blush Pink

A pair of safety eyes

Darning needle

Polyester fiberfill

Making Keroppi's Head:

Start with Green yarn

Make 2:

Round 1: sc 6 in magic ring [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (5sc, inc) x2 [14]

Round 4 - 5: sc around [14]

Leave some tail on the first piece to sew together any gaps after joining.

For the second piece, do not cut-off but continue to join to the first piece.

Round 6: (13sc, inc) x2 [30]

Round 7: 6sc, 3inc, 12sc, 3inc, 6sc [36]

Rounds 8- 10: sc around [36]

Round 11: (4sc, dec) x 6 [30]

Round 12: sc around [30]

Round 13: (3sc, dec) x 6 [24]

Round 14: (2sc, dec) x 6 [18] Place white eyes and safety eyes, stuff with fiberfill

Round 15: (1sc, dec) x6 [12]

Fasten off.

Making Keroppi's Eyes:

Make 2 with White yarn

Round 1: sc 6 in magic ring [6]

Round 2: inc x6 [12]

Round 3: (5sc, inc) x2 [18]

Leave tail to sew onto the head

Making Keroppi's Cheeks:

Make 2 with 2ply Blush Pink yarn

Chain 3 , sl into first stitch of the chain to join, then tie both ends together.

Cut off the front end of the yarn, and leave tail to sew cheeks onto the head.

Sew on white circles and place the safety eyes, then using black yarn sew a 'V' shape for the mouth:

Making Keroppi head

Keroppi head completed

Keroppi's Body:

Start with Red yarn

Chain 3+1

Round 1: Inc into second loop from the hook, 2 sc, work around chain and repeat Inc, 2sc [8]

Round 2: inc x8 [16]

Round 3: (1sc, inc) x8 [24]

Round 4: sc around [24]

Change to White yarn

Round 5: sc around [24]

Round 6: (dec, 4sc) x4 [20]

with Red yarn

Round 7: sc around [20]

with White yarn

Round 8: (dec, 8sc) x2 [18]

Round 9: (dec, 2sc, Dec, 3sc) x2 [14]

with Red yarn

Round 10: sc around [14] and add one slip stitch.

Fasten off, leaving a tail long enough to sew body onto head

Keroppi's Arms:

Make 2 with Green yarn

Round 1: sc 5 in magic ring [5]

Round 2: inc, 4sc [6]

Round 3-4: sc around [6]

Round 5: dec, 4sc [5] and add one sc.

Fasten off, leaving approx 12cm tail to sew onto body

Keroppi's Feet:

Make 2 with Green yarn

Round 1: sc 4 in magic ring [4]

Round 2: inc, 3sc [5]

Round 3: inc, 2sc, inc, 1sc [7]

Flatten and crochet both sides together with 3sc

Fasten off, use tail to sew 2 stitches across to form a webbed-foot shape, then sew onto body.

Keroppi's Bow Tie:

with Black yarn

Chain 4+1

Round 1: Sc into second loop from hook, chain 2, skip 2 stiches on the chain and Inc into the first loop of the chain. Work around and repeat Sc, chain 2 and Inc [10]

Fasten off. Use front end of the yarn to circle the center of the bowtie and yarn tail to sew bowtie onto the body.

Does your Keroppi look like this? Share your pics on instagram and tag @Quutest so that I can see your completed project too!

Freshly made amigurumi Keroppi

Keroppi with 2.5mm crochet hook

For personal use only. Please acknowledge the author's hardwork- do not copy, rewrite or sell this pattern in any way. Keroppi is by Sanrio and I do not own any rights to this cartoon character.

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