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Quutest Cares- Australian Bushfires

Snuggly birds nest

We first heard news about the bushfires in Australia in Dec 2019, and the videos were devastating. Forests were engulfed in flames and wildlife (kangaroos, koalas, endangered species) were fleeing from the fires, while some that were not as quick to escape became victims of the bushfires.

When I heard that we can crochet to help the animals, I jumped at the first opportunity to help so as many crafters in Singapore. Many volunteered to make joey pouches, bird's nest and send them to coordinators who collected, packed and forwarded the donated items to travellers heading to Australia.

These are the crochet birds nest made with double yarn and tight stitches to ensure that they are sturdy to house the baby chicks.

Crochet birds nest

Folded and ready to be sent to collection centre

The world is getting warmer due to climate change and more natural disasters will happen, destroying lives, properties and belongings. I hope everyone will take more proactive steps to a greener lifestyle- cutting down on meat, choosing sustainability over chasing fashion trends, using own water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

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