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Quutest on the Gram

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

We've been busy on Instagram (@quutest ), and with Puffpuff the puffin being the forefront of our social media marketing team, we have made many friends and grow with the plushie /soft toy community.

These plushies are loved by their humans very much- they have names, characters, clothing, accessories, furniture and the privileged to go out for travels and adventures. It's pretty much a real life Toy Story. Check out #plushiesofinstagram #plushiecommunity

If this is boring, wait till you've seen the packed schedules that the plushies have from Monday to Sunday- everyday has a different hashtag for a myriad of events, activities, birthdays, parties.

For us, the most prominent one would be the weekly #plushiecolourquest organised by @eeyoreroundstheworld and hosted by different plushie's account. Each host will select the colour theme for that week, and the rest will join in the fun by posting their most creative and fun pictures. Winners selected by the host will get a prize, isn't this exciting?

Quutest had the wonderful opportunity to host this event on 2nd - 8th Sep and the colour we chose was blue , not just any blue but all shades of blue in one picture. For this special occasion, I made a new crochet doll inspired by Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh series.

Here's Puffpuff attempting to draw Eeyore :

Below are some of the lovely entries received for the week, Scroll through the gallery and you will feel the outpouring love and warmth from all the plushies just by looking at their pictures :

Some plushies are support caregivers, they give comfort and encouragement to their humans who are recovering from illness or trauma. Even though plushie friends may be continents apart, they show their love and care through words of kindness and moral support without judgement..

So, if you have a softtoy and love it dearly, why not create an IG account and join our plushie community? Let's be friends ❤!

Crochet and Eeyore drawings

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