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Quutest Upcycles- Rustic burlap bowls

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This is a simple up-cycling project and it takes less than half an hour to make. Just be careful when using the cutter and hot glue gun. (Adult supervision is advised)

Use them to keep loose items or to organise accessories, they make great decorations around the house.

We will be reusing the base of plastic bottles to make the bowls, so pick any size that suites you.

These are the materials and tools required:

To cut the base of the bottle, measure the height that you want, mark it on bottle before cutting.

It is rather difficult to draw a straight line around the bottle. Alternatively, I prefer to use the cutter to scratch a line on the side of the bottle, by placing the blade onto an existing box of similar height and using my left hand to turn the bottle around. This way, the height will be consistent. Please be careful when handling the sharp cutter.

Use a scissors to cut the base off.

Cut a strip of burlap wide enough to cover the sides and a circle to cover inside the bowl.

Turn on the glue gun and attach the burlap.

You may leave the bottom of the bowl as it is or glue on a note or label like this.

Trim off any fibre strands sticking out of the burlap.

Tip: Burlap sheds fibre when it is cut, work on an empty table so that cleanup will be much easier.

Hope you have fun making them! For a different texture, other fabrics like denim and canvas are great choices.

#MotherEarth #Environment

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