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Quutest Upcycles- Hot water indicator

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The idea of "upcycling" was brought to my attention not too long ago. While we all struggle to save Mother Earth from plastic waste, the common concept that comes to mind is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. "Upcycling" is Reuse which is simply put as repurposing existing materials (be it plastic/metal/wood,etc) that may be useless on its own, but with some creativity and innovation, they become valuable and handy items again.

This saves resources too- for example, recycling plastic uses up resources to clean, energy to melt them into pellets and more energy to mould them into plastic items again.

I have been using a bottle cap with the word "HOT" written on it for several years now. This came about after several incidents whereby I scalded my my fingers and arm when I accidentally touched a hot kettle, even after there is no more steam coming out from the kettle. We can't see heat, can we? My dear husband did not inform me that he boiled water, so I made this indicator to be placed on the kettle whenever we boil water or to be placed onto the water pitcher when it is filled with hot water.

To UP the Quuteness factor, I've made these for anyone who shares the same experiences as me. This is also a preventive measure, to protect your beloved family members from scalding or accidentally gulping hot water.

What do you think of this upcycled bottle cap? Do share if you have any ideas to upcycle other materials into useful items again.

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