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For a Sweet Couple

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I have been dragging my feet to reorganise the photos from my phone to my computer. With the invention of cameraphone, taking pictures is so easy that I have accumulated thousands and thousands of photos within a year. Holiday photos are the most (or worst). Transferring and filtering all the precious memories and important pictures from the large pool is quite a tall order.

But all is not futile, I manage to find some really nice photos of my past projects and this is one of my best projects so far.

This is a throwback for a pair of dolls I made a year ago. I got the idea from #elinmakes to crochet a wedding couple for my close friend who was getting married in July. Aren't they cute? -->

I took my time to make them, in between my full time job and during weekends. Besides that I also needed time to go to the mall to get yarn supplies.

With the picture as a sample, I started by making the bride's head and weaving in her hair.

Bride hairdo

I drew the size of the doll on a piece of paper first so that the shape and height is in proportion. After ensuring that the body height is perfect, both pieces are sewn together.

Now comes the exciting part for the bride, which is to find the perfect dress:

And the perfect bouquet of flowers:

Crochet Flower Bouquet

Isn't she pretty, isn't she wonderful?

Amigurumi Bride

After the bride is happy with her dress, now it is the groom's turn:

A dark grey suit looks more dashing on the groom:

Dress fitting done:

The full dress rehearsal:

Crochet Bride and Groom

Happy Couple
Happy Couple (back)

Let's toast to the happy couple! Yaammmm Sennngggggg!

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